We, at Hope Episcopal Church, believe we serve God and our fellow man by being a Second Commandment Church. Therefore, our congregation embarks on various outreach and in-reach endeavors each year.

  • On Super Bowl Sunday we have a ‘souper bowl’ collection with the charitable contributions going to the Manheim Youth Center.
  • February begins our annual drive to send gift boxes of toiletries, games and non perishable items to our soldiers overseas.
  • Annually, we collect food contributions which are ongoing monthly to serve needy families and the Manheim Food Bank.
  • Quarterly, we make cash contributions from the general fund to both the Manheim Food Bank and the Lebanon County Christian Ministries food bank. We have begun this as a result our congregation being comprised of individuals from Lancaster and Lebanon Counties.
  • We have begun sending “care packages” to college students who are congregants. In addition, we provide book scholarship funds to some college students as well.
  • The Vestry also has established an outreach/in-reach committee that serves as an intermediary with members from the community who approach us during times of personal crisis whether it be spiritual, financial, or medical.
  • We sponsor 2 or 3 families at both Thanksgiving and Christmas providing them with food, household supplies and contributions to aid them in their holiday celebrations.

We believe that our spiritual guidance has provided for us the paths that lead us to understand that “Loving our neighbors as we love ourselves” is the true second Commandment we follow.